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Luqman and Sofea's wedding was all about family, and the love between them.

Luqman and Sofea's wedding was a beautiful celebration of their love, but it was also a time to celebrate family and friends. These moments are what make weddings so special—the laughter and the closeness between family members and friends. We hope you enjoy this full highlight video of their wedding!

Sofea is a very beautiful bride. You can see that in her eyes, she also has long lashes which make her look even more attractive. Her smile makes you melt instantly! She is also very sweet and nice girl! Luqman's family and friends chatted excitedly as they waited for the bride to arrive. As she entered the room, a hush fell over everyone present. Luqman in white baju Melayu, looking handsome as he walk towards his bride.

The bridesmaids are wearing theme white top-traditional attire, and their hair is up in neat buns. They're walking down the aisle holding gifts (hantaran) beautifully decorated inside a basket with flower arrangement all over it, while the groomsmen are dressed in matching dark baju melayu.

The exchange of ring is a symbol of exchange of love and devotion to each other. This tradition has been followed in many culture since ancient times, when the bride and groom met each other for the first time; their parents gave them blessings as symbols of joy, happiness and eternal love. After the solemnization, Luqman and Sofea went inside to have their pictures taken before exchanging to their reception attire;- this time, a dress and a suit! Then they went outside for a short while, where they stood together and smiled at each other. It was a moment of great joy.

The best part about this video is that it really shows some of the most important parts of any wedding: family and friends having a great time. It's so much fun to see how much love Luqman and Sofea have from their families and friends who gathered to celebrate their marriage.

You can tell that everyone was having a blast at this wedding! You can see the close relationships between family members and friends—and you'll definitely leave with a smile on your face after watching this video.

Congratulations Luqman & Sofea!

We are so happy for you both. We wish you the best, and hope that your marriage is a long and happy one. Many blessings to both of you! Wishing you many children, a long and prosperous life together.


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