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Do you offer both photography and videography? Yes! We offer both photography and videography as a combined service and photography or videography separately. We are a team of photographers and videographers who work together to offer a combined service. This means you will receive a consistent style across your wedding coverage and you will have fewer points of contact in general.

Why are you different and what is your approach to weddings? We have been shooting weddings over 8 years now and have experienced more than 100 unique and beautiful events. We approach every wedding as a unique event, with care and discretion, and with our focus being to tell your story authentically through timeless imagery. We offer subtle direction to create moments between you that are fluid, candid, and in-the-moment to create timeless and elegant couple portraits. Our portrait sessions are not long, as we have learned to optimise them so that you can enjoy more time with your guests. We prefer candid moments over staged but we acknowledge that you will require certain staged group photographs. We have worked on optimising this process too, to complete it with haste whilst maintaining our high standard of work.

Where are you based and do you travel? We are based in Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya, Malaysia. We travel across the country and around the world for weddings. We will create a bespoke quote for any destination wedding.

What equipment do you use? As well as our cinema cameras we have medium format digital and film photography cameras, full-frame DSLR cameras, mirrorless camera and a drone for both photography and video. Along with many microphones, gimbals and tripods to help us stylise your wedding film.

When will we receive our photographs and film? It depends on your package chosen either Basic, Standard , or Premium packages. Please contact our admin for more info.

How may photographs do you deliver? This typically ends up being somewhere between 150-600 depending on your package and whether you wish to have additional photographer

How far in advance do we need to book? We would recommend booking as soon as possible. We often find that we are booked soon after the venue and date are confirmed. We still have dates available for 2022 and 2023.

Do you offer drone coverage? Yes, we have a drone that we use for both photography and videography. Drone coverage is included with every service we offer however it is venue and weather-dependent.

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