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What happens when you combine elegance and classic? You get a wedding like this.

We were honoured to witness and film one of our favourite couples' solemnisation event.

All we can describe it is that it was a beautiful, intimate and elegance. The couple chose to have the ceremony at K'seena House in Selangor. The bride who was born and raised in peninsula has tied her knot with a gentleman from the east of Malaysia. Miles away but they were destined to be together.

It was clear that the couple wanted their wedding solemnisation to be unique and intimate incorporated with a hint of tradition and culture. And we are glad that we are able to deliver the same message in their highlight video. As you watched the moments they both shared, you just cannot hold yourself from smiling too! And that's the power that the couple hold, a radiance happiness when they are together.

We hope you enjoy watching the highlight video!

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