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They Chose Forever: The Royal Wedding

Who does not love Royal festive , especially when it comes to a union of love.

Q: What do we love so much about the whole royal wedding?

A: The fact that everything is so perfectly traditional, subtle, elegant and timeless.

The wedding took place at Megat's hometown where he was born and raised alongside his younger brothers and sisters for tandang celebration. As the eldest, we expect all eyes to be on this wedding and all hearts are beating for this union, the first who called it off. The whole preparation process was so smooth between the wedding planner, the videographer team, the wedding deco, MC and everyone else (especially the family members that were a huge help in making the dream wedding a reality).

Starting off at K'seena House for preparation, the lovebirds get dressed in royalty attire by @fuzanamokhtaza. Obviously, it is not complete without the magical make up touch by @adyrazak and the hair stylist by @amyynadiaa. It won't be traditional without henna, and the bride carefully chose a simple design by @hennabyeren. The whole getting ready process is the work of art by these beautiful talented vendors that make our groom and bride stunning!

Q: What is the package that Megat and Shereen chose for their wedding?

A: They took our Premium Photography Package (full day) that covers a total of 10 hours, from the preparation to the big ceremony and ended up with bersiram in the evening. We were delighted to be partnered with as the videography team that covers the motion pictures of the event. We definitely recommend our premium package for an event like this and our risk-free package is provided with 3 photographers, so it is less likely that we miss moment-shots.

The cherry on top of the cake for Megat and Shereen, though, was their childhood pictures, which played equally significant roles in the traditional keris theme. The brilliant beautiful 5-tier fully fondant cake, decorated with sugar flowers and gold frames is handmade by non-other than the famous @aliaandhercakes. We were told that was the tallest and biggest cake she ever made.

The chariot! Who can forget the majestic entrance of the bride and groom to the house. It was definitely an experience to document a grand entrance. For those who attended the wedding know that the whole event is very exciting, full with surprises and performance. One of many highlight of the wedding is the surprise made by Megat's father, who performed a song specially composed for their wedding day and dedicated to the newlywed and the family. Not many have the guts to stand in front of the crowd, but when this happened, we know for sure, that the love that they shared within the family is something so powerful.

Q: What is important when it comes to having performances and surprises during the event?

A: For us, the photo & video team, the most important key is actually to know the flow of the event. When we know the flow of event, it is easier for us to arrange shooter's movements, the shot that we aimed for, and what to expect during the event. Therefore, it is always best to have a consultation meeting with our Principal before the event as to technical meeting. For Megat and Shereen, where there were many surprises and performances took place, we were already prepared for the countless emotions that may elicit during the event (surprise, joy, moved, happy, reminisce, compassion).

Just as we thought that the ceremony is about to end, the couple quickly changed their attire for bersiram. Today, in this more recent and modern world, we rarely see bersiram held at wedding events, and to see this at their wedding, beautifully ending the event well with the traditional concept that they aimed for. The soft pink color of their attire blended perfectly with the royal yellow decorations. At this point, we know the event is going to end, and somehow- we feel like we don't want it to end!

When you have the best wedding like this, it will leave you either speechless - or have so much to say about it. And for this wedding, we at Toifilms, have so much to say about the beautiful, the elegance, the timeless, the effortless, and the brilliant work that has been through since the planning of the event. We are tremendously thankful to the bride and groom for choosing us as your Official Photography Team and we wish you everlasting love, joy and happiness embedded until the end of time.


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