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Atoi Rahim | Creative Director

Introducing Atoi Rahim: A Visionary Creative Director at Toifilms

Meet Atoi Rahim, the creative genius behind Toifilms, whose passion for capturing the essence of love has redefined the art of wedding videography. Atoi's journey from a mechanical engineer to a celebrated creative director is a testament to his unwavering commitment to his craft.

A proud graduate of University Tun Hussein Onn (UTHM), Atoi earned his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering in the illustrious batch of 2018. However, fate had different plans for him. After dedicating two years to the mechanical engineering field, Atoi took a leap of faith in 2020, bidding farewell to his corporate career and embracing the world of storytelling through the lens.

Atoi's affair with cameras began in 2011, where he discovered his passion while creating a wedding video for his brother using a humble camcorder. This marked the inception of his love affair with the art of cinematography. As a part-timer juggling his studies, Atoi officially entered the wedding videography scene in 2014, bringing his unique perspective to each project.

What sets Atoi apart is his genuine connection with the significance of weddings. Recognizing that a wedding day is a profound and meaningful experience for all, especially the bride and groom, Atoi pours his heart into crafting cinematic masterpieces that resonate with emotion. His forte lies in creating visual narratives that capture the aesthetic and cinematic vibes, making each wedding video a timeless piece of art.

Atoi Rahim's journey from a mechanical engineer to a sought-after creative director is not just a career transition; it's a narrative of passion, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to turning moments into memories. With Toifilms under his creative helm, Atoi continues to redefine the standards of wedding videography, bringing dreams to life one frame at a time.

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