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Afiqah Razman | Account & Finance

Meet Afiqah Razman, the financial maestro and key player behind the scenes at Toifilms, where she holds the pivotal role of Account and Finance. Afiqah's expertise extends beyond numbers; she plays an instrumental role in the management and financial strategies that keep Toifilms thriving.

In her capacity as the financial guardian for Toifilms, Afiqah ensures the company's fiscal health is robust, contributing to its overall success. Her meticulous approach to financial management guarantees that every aspect of the company's operations is economically sound.

Beyond the numbers, Afiqah actively participates in the management of Toifilms, contributing her financial acumen to decision-making processes. Her strategic insights and financial foresight are invaluable, shaping the company's trajectory in the competitive world of filmmaking.

Afiqah Razman's commitment to excellence, both in financial management and behind-the-scenes operations, makes her an unsung hero at Toifilms, playing a vital role in the company's success story.

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