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The White Wedding at The BoatHouse

It's a dream come true for many people: the day you get to say "I do." For Nazhif, a dream come true was getting to marry his best friend, Ilya. And when they said their vows and became husband and wife, we were there to capture every moment.

The couple's wedding was held at The Boathouse, Ampang. The venue is a beautifully designed with a wrap-around porch, white trim, and a back yard of open water—the perfect backdrop for this lovely couple's big day.

The wedding of Ilya and Nazhif was a beautiful sight to behold. Their families were all smiles as they watched their children get married and begin their life together as husband and wife. The venue itself was breathtaking, with its tall ceilings and stunning chandeliers.

It was clear from the start that these two were meant to be together—and not just because they looked so darn good together in their white attire! They were clearly having fun and loving each other right from the start, and their portraits showed it.

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